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Natures Nibbles GARNET Colour Enhancer Shrimp Food 50g

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You are what you eat and with our GARNET colour enhancing food packed full of natural colour boosters such as astaxanthin, betalains, lutein and Beta-carotene your shrimp will be bursting with colour. All the colour boosting carotenoid and phytonutrients come from natural organic ingredients that are not only colour boosting but rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre to provide a balance to a staple diet. Our GARNET food will boost the colours of yellow, red and orange shrimp, with a noticeable difference in colour within a week of regular consumption.

Our Natures Nibbles GARNET food will help naturally enhance the colour of shrimp. However, the colour enhancement will only happen if the colour is pre-existing.

Featured Ingredients (But not limited to): Ashitaba, micro-algae, shelled artemia eggs , beetroot, carrot, Ceylon cinnamon, saffron, pumpkin, crustaceans and salmon.

Suitable for: Adult and Juvenile Neocaridina and Caridina shrimp.

Key Features and Important Notes:

  • Weight: 50g
  • Average size: 0.5cm.
  • Feed 1 stick per 10 shrimp once a day.
  • Type: Sinking Stick.
  • This is a complementary food source.
  • Only feed what can be consumed within 4 hours and remove uneaten food.
  • The food will not pollute or cause murky water.
  • Free from artificial preservatives and colours.
  • All ingredients are organic and ethically sourced.
  • The product is made from natural ingredients therefore the colour may vary. 
  • Shelf Life after opening: 12 Months
  • Keep food refrigerated after opening to maintain vitamin levels.
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