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Logan Leaves - Castle Dawn Aquatics
Longan Leaves (20 Pack) - Castle Dawn Aquatics
Longan Leaves (20 Pack) - Castle Dawn Aquatics
Longan Leaves (20 Pack) - Castle Dawn Aquatics

Longan Leaves (20 Pack)

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Longan leaves have not yet made their mark yet in the west but in parts of Asia, they are the cure-all for many fish ailments and the go-to cure for turtle keepers to treat gastrointestinal parasites. Fishkeepers that use Longan leaves claim they balance the PH of the aquarium, fight fungus kills parasites and help with the conditioning of exhausted fish. 

We use them in our quarantine tanks and ponds, particularly with fish that have been travelling for days. Whether or not the benefits are true, we personally find fish recover far quicker and are less prone to disease caused by transport stress. 

If you are looking for a leaf with similar properties to Indian almond leaves but without the heavy tannins or the lowering of the PH rapidly you found them.

Tannins Released: High

All our leaves are organically sourced, and free from harmful pesticides.

Our leaves are cosmetically varied and as nature intended, flaws and all. Colour, shape, size and appearance will vary throughout.

Key Features and Important Notes:

  • Average Size: 10-13cm.
  • Flora: Dimocarpus longan.
  • Source: Southeast Asia.
  • It contains antibacterial properties.
  • Great for travel fatigue.
  • Releases beneficial tannins into the water.
  • Naturally balances the pH.
  • Provides a natural food source for shrimp and plecos through biofilm development.
  • All our botanicals are sourced organically, and free from pesticides and chemicals.
  • Boil for 15 minutes and then soak in cold water overnight before introducing the botanicals into the aquarium.
  • This is a natural product, therefore, colour, shape, and size will vary from piece to piece.
  • Our leaves have fallen from the tree naturally and have not been plucked before chloroplasts have broken down.
  • This product is part of our Wild Betta Rescue Program. By purchasing this item you are helping us continue our conservation efforts throughout Southeast Asia.
  • The product is for aquarium use only and not for human consumption. 

Size: Pack of 50

Pack of 50
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