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Eucalyptus Seed Pods - Castle Dawn AquaticsAquarium Aquatic Aquascaping Botanicals
Eucalyptus Seed Pods (70 Pack) - Castle Dawn Aquatics

Eucalyptus Seed Pods (70 Pack)

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Commonly used as an alternative to Catappa Indian almond leaves in South East China. Eucalyptus Seed Pods help keep diseases at bay due to their antibacterial properties. A great addition to a Malaysian blackwater aquarium biotope.

Tannins Released: Medium

COMMON QUESTION: Customers have reached out to us regarding concerns about the use of Eucalyptus Seed Pods and the release of essential oil. Out of all parts of the Eucalyptus tree, the seed pods contain the least amount of essential oil, with the bark and sap having the highest traces. 

After boiling the seed pods for the recommended time, the essential oil released is minimal. This is why they are used by many aquarists in parts of Southeast Asia, as it is believed the small trace of essential oil after prepping the seed pods is just enough to have a positive antibacterial effect on the aquarium. 

All our botanicals are organically sourced, free from harmful pesticides and naturally sun-dried without the use of chemicals.

Key Features and Important Notes:

  • Average Size: 1.5cm.
  • Source: North Asia
  • Flora: Eucalyptus 
  • Releases beneficial tannins into the water.
  • Contains antibacterial properties similar to Indian almond leaves.
  • Naturally lowers the pH.
  • Perfect for natural breeding ponds for infusoria production.
  • Boil for 60 minutes, then soak in cold water overnight before adding to your aquarium.
  • All our botanicals are organically sourced, and free from pesticides and chemicals.
  • This is a natural product, therefore, colour, shape, and size will vary from piece to piece.
  • This product is part of our Wild Betta Rescue Program. By purchasing this item you are helping us continue our conservation efforts throughout Southeast Asia.
  • The product is for aquarium use only and not for human consumption. 

Size: Pack of 40

Pack of 40
Pack of 70
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