Aquarium Filter Media

    Castle Dawn Aquatics is pleased to offer our own range of aquarium filter media, filter sponges, aquarium PH softeners, high-density poly-filter pads, and more. 

    All our aquarium filter media and aquarium filter sponges are manufactured in our own factory to the highest of standards. We guarantee quality on par with the more popular brands in our aquarium hobby.

    All of our aquarium filter wool is free from bleaching chemicals, commonly used to brighten the fibers which can cause disruption to the aquarium.

    RIVERBED Aquarium Peat Moss Filter Media 500 ml


    Our Riverbed filter media is rich in humic substances as well as essential trace elements perfect for soft water-loving fish and shrimp. Riverbed will gradually lower the PH of your aquarium and reduce the water hardness make ideal living and spawning conditions for many South American and Southeast Asian species. Riverbed filter media can also be used as a substrate for biotope aquariums and makes excellent breeding material for breeding Nothobranchius annual killifish.

    PURITY Aquarium Water Crystal Clear Polisher 500ml


    Castle Dawn Aquatics Purity aquarium filter media will help keep the aquarium water crystal clear by absorbing nitrogenous organic waste and alike. It can help remove discolouration from aquarium water caused by algae blooms or tannins released by aquarium woods. It will help keep your water crystal clear while helping with aquarium health.

    PILLOW GH (General Hardness) Lowering Resin Filter Media 500ml (390 gram)


    Our softner pillow is perfect for Bettas and other soft water fish such as Discus and Killis. Simply add the pillow to your filter and it will immediately get to work. The beads within the pillow remove magnesium and calcium ions, as well as heavy metals from the water to lower the GH and maintain it. The softener pillow can be recharged by soaking it in a salt solution. This is a must for any betta keeper who lives in a hard water region, we use it ourselves with all our wild Betta and blackwater fish.

    Castle Dawn Aquatics Dual Layer Aquarium Biomechanical Media Pads


    Our high-density biomechanical aquarium sponge pads are constructed with a course top layer followed by a dense layer of polyester fibres. The dual construction captures the finest of particles leaving your aquarium crystal clear. We use these dual-layer aquarium filter pads in our own sumps, and they never cease to amaze us how quickly they can clear the aquarium water.

    Triple Layered Coconut and Bamboo Carbon Aquarium Biomechanical Filter Sponge


    Our Castle Dawn Aquatics biomechanical aquarium filter sponge is triple-layered, using coconut and bamboo carbon as the outer layers. Bamboo carbon absorbs harmful chemicals as well as releases essential minerals into the water such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and iron. Coconut carbon is 50% more effective at absorbing organic and inorganic chemicals than any other activated carbon. With the carbon layers, the sponge is extremely effective at removing discolouration from the water caused by algae and tannins, keeping your water crystal clear.

    INTELLISPONGE Infused Bio Sponge Filter Media 1 Litre bag


    INTELLISPONGE smart filter media is infused with natural components to provide optimum biological and chemical filtration. 

    Each colour adds something essential to the aquarium, brown which is infused with volcanic soil is rich in essential elements and can help Soften the water. Blue is infused with Chitosan which binds metal oxides and carbonate particulates keeping the aquarium inhabitants healthy. Finally, Neutral is infused with tourmaline which is known to accelerate nitrifying bacteria growth. 

    Combined they make the ultimate filtration media keeping your aquarium clean and balanced.

    NANO Natural Bio Smart Sphere Media 1kg


    NANO natural aquarium bio smart media is one of a kind, each sphere colour is not by chance and is infused with a beneficial compound. Nano aquarium filter media can help with the removal of heavy metals, help boost the aquarium inhabitants' immune system and provide essential minerals, the list goes on. 

    The nanosphere's structure gives them a significant surface area with two spheres providing the same surface area as 30 traditional ceramic rings!

    REFFPUROSED Ethically Sourced Crushed Coral Media 1kg


    Our high-quality crushed coral filter media is ethically sourced and is collected from the sea bed by hand and not by net dragging, which is extremely detrimental to the sea bed and existing live reefs. 

    Crushed coral is a natural PH buffer stabilizing a pH of 8.2-8.3 making it perfect for marine and African rift lake cichlids.  

    Due to its porous nature, crushed coral has a large surface area creating an ideal environment for nitrifying bacteria and will naturally raise the GH and KH of the aquarium water.

    CAUSEWAY Lava Rock Filter Media 1kg


    Our high-quality lava rock filter media is hand-selected and is rich in essential elements including magnesium, calcium, iron potassium and manganese, making it ideal for shrimp aquariums. 

    Due to its porous nature, lava rock has a significant surface area creating an ideal environment for nitrifying bacteria which provides optimum biological filtration. Our causeway lava rock can also be used as a substrate or as a hardscape and makes a great anchor for aquarium plants.

    TURF Organic Peat Water Softening Pellets 500 grams


    Our TURF organic aquarium filter media is rich in humic substances as well as essential trace elements perfect for soft water-loving fish and shrimp. Turf will gradually lower the PH of your aquarium and reduce the water hardness make ideal living and spawning conditions for many South American and Southeast Asian species. 

    Peat filter media not only benefits the inhabitants of the aquarium but also aquatic plants. The released Humic substances from our peat filter media bind and immobilises heavy metals, increasing the availability of important nutrients for aquatic plants such as iron, and allowing phosphorus and nitrogen to be more efficiently absorbed. 

    Not suited for Cardinal Sulawesi shrimp(Caridina dennerli).

    REACTOR MBBR Premium Grade fluidized Media 1kg per pack


    Our Kaldnes media is made from 100% virgin Polyethylene. Kaldnes media is suited for fluidized filters where the media is kept in constant movement. The media is constantly crashing into each other causing old bacteria on the outside to fall away allowing more surface area for healthier bacteria to colonize. It is this process that removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water. Fluidized Kaldnes media provides the maximum active surface area for the bacteria to colonise, more than other types of static media.

    Castle Dawn Aquatics High Density Premium Aquarium Poly Filter Media Pads


    Our high-density durable premium aquarium filter sponge pads are constructed with several layers of polyester fibres capturing large and fine particles. The filter pads are up to 5cm thick and can be cut to size to suit any aquarium filter or sump. Our aquarium filter sponge pads are fluorescent dye-free which is commonly used to enhance the whiteness of polyester fibres.

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